In Memoriam

Help us build two Memorials* for fallen workers, heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice while working during the pandemic.


First – Creating an In Memoriam section on our website honoring the contributions and sacrifice of a worker or workers, who died while working during the Covid lockdown.

The site will go live on INDEPENDENCE DAY, 2023, at which time those family members, friends, neighbors, or co-workers, wanting to honor the worker who contracted and succumbed to the Covid19 virus, will be able to post an obituary which will be listed both alphabetically and geographically.


In July of 23’, after our website is fully operational, those who are interested in becoming members (our goal is at least 100,000 new members by mid-September, ‘23), we’ll petition the legislative committees that handle National Park Service bills in the House, (the Public Lands Committee) and the Senate (the Interior and Insular Affairs Committee) to grant property on the National Mall for a physical Memorial and Worker’s Park.  We plan to announce Congressional sponsors of the bill granting the land by end of the year.


*See our gofundme crowdfunding page for more details

The National Mall in Washington, DC
Photo by Carol M. Highsmith, courtesy the Library of Congress, via Wikimedia Commons